Collection: Western Places Series

     Western Places started as a magazine concept, with a regular publication schedule.  The early issues have multiple and diverse places, some small and some deserving of small space.  The desire to provide more depth on more places required more research, making a quarterly publication schedule unrealistic.

    Most of the Western Places publications are monographs that focus on one town (or a few closely related towns) that had significant and interesting histories. Some of the towns are now ghost towns or only have a few remaining inhabitants.  Others remain with us as modern towns.

     Please note that while many volumes of Western Places may have multiple reprints, the earlier versions of Western Places including Volume 1-1 through Volume 4-1 (with the exception of Volume 3-2) are limited quantity items as we do not currently anticipate reprinting any of these Volumes. 

    You can subscribe to the Western Places monograph series.  For a $48 subscription, you will get the next four issues of Western Places.  Since publication dates are irregular, this could span two years.  They will be shipped to you automatically, post paid.  Being a subscriber will also allow you to purchase back issues of the Western Places monograph series at a 20% discount.  This discount does not apply to the Other Books posted on this website, just to books in the Western Places monograph series.
If you want to become subscriber, or if you already are a subscriber and want to order back issues, please contact us.