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Montana Mining Camps by Alan H. Patera (Western Places Volume 4-3)

Montana Mining Camps by Alan H. Patera (Western Places Volume 4-3)

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Montana Mining Camps by Alan H. Patera
Western Places Volume 4-3

Mining in Montana began in May 1862 at Gold Creek, and a rush ensued with the discovery of gold at Bannock.  Soon prospectors were exploring all the rivers, creeks, and gullies. This created Montana’s mining economy which remained dominant into the 20th Century.

This book provides a listing of 246 mining camps and towns in Montana, representing all of the major players.  Mining camps tend to be ephemeral.  Most Camps don’t pan out, and even those that did have valuable mines usually did not last to see a 20th birthday.  However, two of Montana’s largest cities, Helena and Butte, have their beginnings in early mining rushes.

This listing of camps and towns provides concise information of several types: the county it is in today; the location, both in terms of some larger place and by more specific physical features such as water courses or mountains; the elevation; and the post office dates (if it had one); a dated population estimate (if available); and what mining occurred.  Finally each entry is keyed to a map which portrays where it is and how to get there.

Paperback, 30 pages, 8.5 x 11 inches. This book contains numerous maps and some vintage photographs.

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  • This impressive structure is located at Tower, just east of Philipsburg
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