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Gold Mountain Nevada by Alan H. Patera (Western Places Volume 7-3)

Gold Mountain Nevada by Alan H. Patera (Western Places Volume 7-3)

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Gold Mountain Nevada by Alan H. Patera
Western Places Volume 7-3

Motorists traveling between Reno and Las Vegas can see Gold Mountain looming off to the west, midway between Beatty and Goldfield, but few wander off the pavement to see what this area has to offer.  This publication serves as a guide to those who wish to learn more about the geography and history of this corner of the American West.

The Gold Mountain book is a companion to the Hornsilver/Gold Point book.  Gold Point is situated about 10 miles north of the summit of Gold Mountain, and their histories are intertwined. Activity on Gold Mountain predates Gold Point by 30 years, however, and remnants of this activity can still be seen.  There are rock ruins at Gold Mountain town, and a nearby rock wall whose purpose is undeterminable.  You can cross Gold Mountain in a few extra hours, though you will wish you had more time; or you could spend a week exploring the many canyons and still not see everything.

Paperback, 60 pages, 8.5 x 11 inches. This book contains numerous photographs, both 19th century ones and others taken recently.  People and places are indexed.

Click on additional images (left) to see Gold Mountain photos:

  • Hidden from view until you are upon it, this cabin at the Rattlesnake Mine is a remnant of mining on Gold Mountain in the early 1900s.
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