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About The Authors

Joe Macdonald

Joe Macdonald

Joseph Francis Macdonald was born in the Midwest in 1934. In 1958 he moved to the Northwest and became interested in the area's early history of transportation. He started as a collector of photographs, books, and documents. In 2004 he self-published volume one of Macdonald's Steamboat & Steamships of the Pacific Northwest covering Oregon, Washington, British Columbia, Alaska, Yukon, and Idaho, followed by volume two in 2005. In 2009 his book Macdonald's Stage Coaches and Stations of Washington 1850-1920 was published by Western Places. In 2010 he completed a similar book on Western Oregon, Macdonald's Stage Coaches and Stations of Western Oregon 1850-1920, which will soon be available. He is also working on a publication on stage coaches and stations in Washington State.

John Gallagher

John's work career was as a physicist for the National Bureau of Standards, but his passion in life is collecting photographs of post offices, preferably going there and taking the picture himself.  His collection is world-wide but concentrated in the United States, where he has a number of states complete or nearly complete.  John Gallagher and Alan Patera collaborated on compiling and publishing postal history books for 16 states.

Suzy McCoy

Suzy McCoy

Suzy and her husband Riley came from Reno to find a home in southern Nevada. Riley was the BLM caretaker for Rhyolite, and Suzy has become the most knowledgable authority on Rhyolite. She has walked every foot of Rhyolite documenting everything at the site for the BLM. Her first book was Babysitting a Ghost Town, and for Western Places she has written Rebecca's Walk Through Time. Her style is not straight historical writing, but you can be sure the facts on Rhyolite are accurate!

Joe Palazzo

Bob Palazzo is an attorney in the Los Angeles area and has long been interested in the Death Valley area.  He has presented papers at the Death Valley Conference, and owns property in Darwin.

David Wright

David Wright has lived in Ridgecrest and Big Pine, California and is familiar with most of the desert tracks in the vicinity.  Alan and Dave have been on several expeditions into the backcountry of Nevada.

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